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The 7 Deadly Sins

Production year: 2007 | 8x45' | Genres: Lifestyle / Travel
«The 7 Deadly Sins» is a satirical, humorous and hopefully eye-opening e …
Origin country: Norway
Production company: TV2 AS (Norway)
Original title: De 7 Dødsyndene

«The 7 Deadly Sins» is a satirical, humorous and hopefully eye-opening eight-episode drama/documentary series. It is based on the Seven Deadly Sins and was shot in ten different countries around the world (the theme of the eight and last episode of the series is «Redemption»). When aired in Norway during the fall/winter season of 2007, the series scored the highest market share a Norwegian TV-series has ever had.

In addition to the main portion of the program – in which the host, famed Norwegian rockmusician/performer/artist Kristopher Schau, does his utmost to actually «commit» the Seven Sins – the shows is rich in fact-based background from religious lore. It also personifies each sin by presenting short portraits of well-known figures from more recent popular culture that have excelled in these particular «fields». There are interviews with experts in religious history, scientists and authors.

«Sin» is about history and dogma that concern all of us, whether we are of a religious or atheist disposition. By using himself as his chief researcher’s tool, Kristopher Schau holds a mirror to modern society and ask: What does the concept of The Seven Deadly Sins and religious dogma still mean in a largely secularized world?

Historical facts, fresh interviews, popcultural absurdities and a truly unique «reality»/documentary approach makes «The 7 Deadly Sins» a series quite unlike anything that’s ever been attempted in Norwegian broadcasting. Or in any other country or territory as far as we know.

After it´s premiere, airing on TV2 (Norway’s leading commercial broadcaster) on November 1. 2007 it only took 3 weeks before the show rated at a all time high for TV2 with an unbelievable 91% market share in the segment 20 – 29 year old, 67,7% in 30 – 39 and 72,9 among 12 – 19 year olds.

When the last episode of the show aired on December 20th  2007, the series had caused more than 1100 full page newspaper articles, 8 TV-Debates, 6 priests that had pried for the teams salvation and 3 that had dammed them to hell.

The series is presently nominated for 2 Norwegian Emmys in the category Best Newcomer and Best Comedy. The Award Show takes place in Bergen on May 10th . The episode “Wrath” is selected to be shown at this years international INPUT festival in South Africa on May 9th. It was awarded “Best TV show in 2007” in “Natt og Dag” the equivalent to “LA Weekly”.

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