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Princes and Princesses season 2

Production year: 2008 | 4*45 | Genres: Royal
Princes and Princesses
Origin country: Sweden
Production company: TV4 AB
Original title: Prinsar & Prinsessor sesong 2
Original language: Swedish
Formats: SD | M&E

In the second season of Princes and Princesses some of the most popular Europeen Princesses are in the limelight.

In four programmess Linda Nyberg meets Princesses that have their own careers in addition to their royal duties. Linda has interviewed and followed the Royalties up close .

In these four episodes she meets the Norwegian Princess Märtha Louise, the Crown Princess Mary of Danmark, the exile Crown Princess of Greece and in the last episode she  follows the Swedish Crown Princess Victoria, Princess Madeleine and Prince Carl-Philip on offical business.

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