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The Power and the Fear

Production year: 2007 | 1x23' | Genres: Current Affairs
Are Russian journalists and editors controlled by the Authorities, and if so how?
Origin country: Norway
Production company: TV2 AS (Norway)
Original title: The Power and the Fear

The murder of Russian award winning journalist Anna Polikovskaya in 2006 changed the whole mentality of Russian journalists. -We understood, that if they could take out someone like her, thay could take out any one of us, said the former colleague Ilya Barabanov.

 As the world commemorates the death of Russia’s most prominent and free-speaking reporter 7th October, TV2 Norway’s new documentary “The Power and the Fear” investigates how, if at all, Russian journalists and editors are being controlled by the Authorities.

How has their working environment changed, and how do they regard the future of independent journalism in Russia?

-Maybe Russia doesn’t need freedom of speech today, pessimistically reflects Azia Goizman of the struggling Moscow based tv-network REN-TV.

“The Power and the Fear” takes you behind the scenes at three of Russia’s main television stations and follows the daily work and the editorial dilemmas facing editors and journalists at the onset of the Russian election campaign.

Format:            16-9 SDI

Sound:              International/English Subtitles/Norwegian

Director:          Øystein Bogen, TV2

Location:         Moscow, August 2007


Produced by TV2 Norway in association w the Norwegian Union of  Journalists and Panic Film Moscow.

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