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Tuxedo Ice Bather

Production year: 2003 | 1x24' | Genres: Nature
The Tuxedo Ice Bather
Origin country: Norway
Production company: Pegon Film Gunnar Olav Nilsen
Original title: Fossekallen, isbader i kjole og hvitt
Original language: Norwegian
Formats: M&E

This programme closely follows the life of this hardy little bird - the Dipper - throughout all four seasons of the year.

No other land-bird is so closely linked to swift-flowing rivers and streams as the Dipper (Cinclus cinclus). A true Viking, provided it has access to open water the Dipper can withstand the most extreme cold. In the far north of Norway, individuals have been known to winter in temperatures down to - 40° C. The only passerine to feed on aquatic plants and animals, including salmon eggs and fry, the Dipper is an expert diver and can remain underwater for as long as a minute. Although its feet are not webbed, it is well able to swim on the surface; submerged, it uses its wings for propulsion. The Dipper's favourite nesting place is a ledge behind or close to a waterfall. The Dipper was once widely associated with nixes and trolls and similar supernatural beings. Not surprisingly, tuxedo-clad Viking that he is, the Dipper was long ago adopted as Norway's national bird.

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