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History of the Earth

Production year: 2004 | 3*52 | Genres: Nature, Series
History of the Earth is the story of the landscapes and the people who shaped them.
Origin country: Norway
Production company: NRK Norsk Rikskringkasting AS
Original title: Utenfor Eden
Original language: Norwegian
Formats: SD

Ever since we were banished from the Garden of Eden, mankind has toiled and striven to transform untamed nature into landscapes where we can survive. Whether we live in New York, in a mountain village in Nepal, in the Amazon jungle or on the plains of Ethiopia, we still live off the land and what we manage to squeeze out of it. When man first started cultivating the land 10,000-12,000 years ago, it was the beginning of an extensive process of change which altered man’s living conditions, way of thinking and lifestyle forever. The changes to the landscapes became the foundation for development, wealth and civilisation; they affected religious and political developments and the distribution of power. Shot on location in Peru, Ethiopia, USA, Nepal, Greece, the Netherlands, Turkey, Iraq, Spain, Spitsbergen, Norway, China and Tibet.

1. Mother Earth
The first episode takes us to the Amazon jungle in Peru where since ancient times they have used fire to clear the land so they can cultivate their manioc trees, to the floating world of reeds at Lake Titicaca, to the Himalayan mountains of Tibet and modern jak herders there, and to the Awash valley in Ethiopia where the nomads now are stuck in one place all year with their livestock.

2. A Fertile Balance
Over vast areas of the globe, man has created new land, but how did these landscape changes happen, and how have they affected us? All landscapes have their stories to tell, as have the people who live in them. These are the stories we are searching for, by a blacksmith’s furnace in Ethiopia, in the cotton fields of the United States, in the olive groves of Greece and in the rice paddies of Nepal.

3. The dream
Behind all landscapes there is a story, and a dream of a better life. These are the stories we are searching for, among mountain farmers in Norway, among cork harvesters in Spain and among colourful tulip farmers in the Netherlands. We shall make a deposit in the seed bank in Svalbard and meet a young, beautiful weed killer in Iraq. And finally, we shall pursue the dream of Paradise on Earth.

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