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Wet Wild Wonderful

Production year: 2005 | 1x24' | Genres: Nature
Wet Wild Wonderful
Origin country: Norway
Production company: NRK Norsk Rikskringkasting AS
Original title: Våt, Vilt og Vakkert
Original language: English
Formats: SD

The international press has on more than one occasion proclaimed Norway to be the world’s loveliest tourist destination. But what is it, exactly, that makes Norway so outstanding? Do we Norwegians ourselves appreciate the beauty on our doorstep? In this exceptional programme the emphasis is on nature as an experience. Flow with the water that runs and tumbles everywhere in a country of extremes. Discover for yourself how exciting life in Norway can be and join in the nation’s struggle for survival amid unspoiled scenery of an awesome grandeur.

Torgeir Beck Lande is responsible for the unique photography that has gone into the making of this film. For three years he travelled tha length and breadth of the country, not infrequently making his way through rugged mountain terrain with 50 kilos of equipment on his back. He defied winter storms in the mountains, scaled precipitous cliffs and spent days and nights in the wilds waiting for the right moment to take his pictures. The result is an exceptionally beautiful nature programme which proves beyond doubt that Norway is indeed a scenic wonderland second to none.

Most of the country, which wrenched itself free of an all-embracing carapace of ice 10,000 years ago, is naked rock. In this programme you will make the acquaintance of the Arctic fox – one of the few native animals able to withstand the rigours of life on Norway’s windswept heights, following this fur-clad little charmer from playful cubhood to the realities of adult life in the harsh months of winter.

A line drawn along Norway’s ragged coast and encompassing the myriad fjords and islets, would reach twice round the Equator! The beneficent warmth of the Gulf Stream makes these rocky shores a haven for many species of bird, not a few of them regular visitors from sunnier climes further south. The film includes a visit to a teeming colony of Gannets precariously perched on a dizzying cliff plunging sheer into the ocean, where the birds court and bicker in the eerie light of the Midnight Sun.

In Norway one is never far from water. The programme takes you on a waterborne journey embracing rivers and rapids, the seasons of the year and life’s never-ending cycle, with the added attraction of breathtaking views of thundering waterfalls cascading down the mountainsides. Norway boasts seven of the world’s ten highest, freefalling cataracts.

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