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Nature Fillers

Production year: 2007 | Genres: Nature
NATURE FILLERS Fillers fro …
Origin country: Norway
Production company: NRK Norsk Rikskringkasting AS
Original title: Fillers Natur Bilder

NATURE FILLERS Fillers from the Nature Department: Interval shorts featuring viewers’ own wildlife films. For some years now we have invited viewers to send us their personal video films of wildlife, and shown those considered suitable in our magazine programme. Filmed encounters with wild animals, they are mainly shots of unexpected, unusual or resourceful behaviour on the part of their animal subjects. Not a few are confrontations between wild animals and humans and between wild animals and domestic pets. Most are spontaneous recordings made with cameras of varying types, and their quality varies accordingly. Format: 4:3.

  Rebellious Young Squirrels. A mother squirrel is busy moving her brood into new quarters, but has difficulty in getting them to stay put. No sooner does she get them settled in, than they slip back out to explore the big wide world outside. But getting back in is beyond them, and Mother has to come to their aid.

 The Footballer Elk. An elk comes across a football in a garden but can’t quite master the art of ball control.

 Diving gannets. Outside the nesting season, gannets spend their lives at sea, diving deep in search of fish.

 A walrus visits the Oslo fjord. A walrus has found its way all the way south from the Arctic Ocean to the Oslo fjord, where it flops down on a rocky islet to groom and relax.

A seal-hunting polar bear. A polar bear tries unsuccessfully to sneak up on a seal. Meanwhile, another bear grabs a ringed seal pup – and very nearly catches its unwary mother too.

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