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Six as Us

Production year: 2005 | 12x23 | Genres: Fiction
Origin country: Norway
Production company: TV2 AS (Norway)
Original title: Seks som oss
Original language: Norwegian
Formats: SD | 16:9

It is not exactly a sitcom, and not exactly a serious drama either. It is a humorous 1/2 hour 20 part series dealing with love, friendship, unfaithfulness, pregnancy, divorce and unforgettable situations.

With some of the best actors from Norway and Sweden assembled, the series has had excellent reviews: “The acting reaches a special level, dealing with life itself for anyone between 25 and 40,”one critic said. “Six As Us” delivered impressive market shares in the late evening schedule of TV 2 spring 2004: 12-19 years 48 percent, 20-29 years 55 percent and 30-39 years 61 percent of the audience. The series skews female with 53 percent women watching. Series three is now in production with another 10 episodes.

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