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The last pole

Production year: 2003 | 1x50' | Genres: Lifestyle / Travel
Legendary explorer meets his limits
Origin country: Norway
Production company: Parkas Production
Original title: Den tredje pol

Borge Ousland, the legendary polar explorer, sets himself extreme challenges: skiing alone and without support to the North Pole; skiing across the Antarctic; and skiing across the Southern Patagonian ice cap in Chile.

But even the best do not always achieve their goals. In 2003, Ousland set out to climb Mount Everest in a commemorative expedition, 50 years after the New Zealander Edmund Hilary conquered the peak. For Ousland, Everest was the final pole. Ousland and his companions were looking to set new records by climbing the South face of the mountain. However, barely 200 metres short of the summit, the team had to abandon their attempt to ensure their safety. The 50-minute documentary, made by a Norwegian camera crew and the climbers themselves, recounts the intense drama as it developed. In 2002, the National Geographic Society in Seattle voted Borge Ousland best lecturer of the season.

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