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300 Orgasms per day

Production year: 2006 | 1*43 | Genres: Lifestyle / Travel
Origin country: Sweden
Production company: TV4 AB
Original title: 300 Orgasmer
Original language: Swedish
Formats: SD

Michelle Thompson suffers from a rather unusual condition. Diagnosed as having Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome, Michelle’s life is one long climax, with as many as 300 orgasms a day.

This may sound amusing to many, but to Michelle Thompson it’s a serious matter. The 39-year-old single mother from North West in England, has had to deal with the syndrome since childhood. Although Michelle lives in constant ecstasy, she tries to lead a normal life. Living with PSAS is the only life she knows; “It’s as normal to me as sleeping or breathing”, says Michelle. Over the years, she has become accustomed to disguising her orgasms in public so that one can hardly tell when she is climaxing. The programme follows Michelle in her hometown of Nelson to get an inside view on the syndrome and how it affects everyday life. We see how simple things like drying her hair, driving her car or going to the dentist can be real challenges as her orgasms happen. We see how this syndrome has driven Michelle into a life of solitude. But most of all, we meet a woman who is brave enough to face the world and tell us about her affliction.

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