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Production year: 2006 | 4x48' | Genres: Fiction
Origin country: Norway
Production company: Norsk Filmproduksjon AS
Original title: Torpedo
Original language: Norwegian
Formats: SD | 16:9

Emotionally charged miniseries (4 x 48 min / 2 x 90 min) about a Torpedo (enforcer) who has his life turned inside out in one decisive moment – the moment he finds his wife murdered. She was killed with her husbands weapon, making him the main suspect. And leaving him with the responsibility of explaining it all to their 5-year old daughter.

The main character, Terje Jonassen, is a 38 year-old ex-commando and UN soldier turned hit man. He sees himself as one of the good guys, and takes no pleasure in violence, and because of that, does the job better than others. He’s a brilliant henchman because people are so afraid of him that they listen to reason. He gets the job done, usually without lifting a finger. Visually, “The Henchman” can best be compared to series like “24” or the 70’s show “The French Connection”. Its central theme is the portrayal of a father trying to care for his daughter, and how the life he leads shapes the people around him in unexpected ways. The writer and director Trygve Allister Diesen is one of Norway’s most prolific film and television directors, who also wrote and directed “Hold my Heart”, Norway’s Oscar contender in 2002. The director of photography, Harald Gunnar Paalgard, recently filmed “As in Heaven”, also nominated for an Oscar. Joergen Langhelle, who plays the main character, is one of the most renowned film and TV actors in Scandinavia. The plot runs over 4 days, with one episode for each day. The main character is in every scene, as the audience follows him as he dives in to the Oslo underworld. His search for his wife’s killer takes him to a world of drug barons, vodka smugglers, pimps and prostitutes, with the police hard at his heels. However, his chase leads him to a killer far closer to home.

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