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Production year: 1998 | 4x48' | Genres: Fiction
Origin country: Sweden
Production company: TV4 AB
Original title: Hamilton
Original language: Swedish
Formats: SD

Swedish agents Carl Hamilton (Peter Stormare) and Åke Stålhandske (Mats Långbacka) are ordered to stop Russian smugglers. The smuggled goods is a nuclear missile. It´s an SS 20, 1,5 megatons, "enough to turn Paris, Washington or New York to ashes". The American villain is Mike Hawkins (Mark Hamill). Pay and free TV rights for Featurefilm and TV-series (4 x 50 min) in the Nordic Countries available through NordicWorld. AVAILABLE FOR ONLINE SCREENING: Hamilton 2 ep, Swedish version

The help of Swedish super-spy Carl Hamilton is enlisted by the CIA after it is learned that Russian rebels are transporting a stolen missle through the Arctic and are planning to smuggle it through Sweden. Hamilton and his men must execute the rebels and secure the missle. The order is carried out, but Hamilton soon realizes he has been duped as another missle has made it through the country. Ex-CIA man Mike Hawkins is behind the plot and Hamilton follows his trail to Russia, the USA, and finally to Libya.

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