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The Snowchildren

Production year: 2001 | 3x50' or 90x12' | Genres: Children
Nature can be very scary, but the snowchildren cope by focusing on friendship, caring, cooperation and preserving the environment
Origin country: Norway
Production company: TV2 AS (Norway)
Original title: The Snowchildren
Original language: Norwegian

The snowchildren Tea, Tigg and TomTom welcome you to their white fantasy world, where the magic never ends!

They live way up north in Snowtopia, where children have to focus on warm things; friendship, caring, cooperation and preserving the environment. In the mountains lurk dangerous creatures and powerful forces of nature which can be very scary.The Snowchildren learn through teamwork to perservere through challenging experiences. “The Snowchildren” is a high- budget production including life-size costumes, live animals and catchy specially composed music . The great songs and dances play a vital part in the series and contribute to the friendly mood and atmosphere that children love so much. Currently has aired in China, England, Canada, Norway and Iceland. • 90 episodes of 12 minutes each • Three 50-minute specials o “A Time to Remember” Thanksgiving special o “The First Christmas” adventure special o “The Quest for Cold” adventure special • The target age group is 4 – 9 years old • Visually stunning programmes filled with warmth, laughter and music • A magical mix of real and animatronic animals brings the series to life. • Each episode conveys a positive message about caring for each other and for the environment

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