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Food Discovery

Production year: 2004 | Genres: Lifestyle / Travel
Revealling the Real Flavours
Origin country: Norway
Production company: TV2 AS (Norway)
Original title: Food Discovery

Welcome to the ultimate journey to discover authentic tastes, presented by the internationally renowned chef, Sonja Lee.

Each programme investigates one or two basic ingredients, each time in a new country. Sonja’s goal is the same whether she’s in France, Argentina, Italy, Morocco or Britain: she’s out to find the Real Thing. As she investigates all aspects of various basic foods, her creativity and approachable style engages her audience. Sonja Lee trained as a chef under Alain Ducasse in France. She was the chef at the trend-setting “The Pharmacy” in London before returning to Norway to open Magma, one of the best restaurants of Oslo, which she runs with her husband. Sonja Lee is obsessed with authentic flavours and basic ingredients. The audience is carried away with her enthusiasm and her curiosity, as she travels to exotic locations to create wonderful dishes. The series themes are: France – Goat’s cheese and flour Italy – Basil and mushrooms Morocco – Couscous and mint Britain – Cheddar cheese and Worcestershire sauce Argentina – Beef Norway – Strawberries and wild salmon ”Food Discovery” 6 x 25 min Food & Travel Production year 2004 Food Media AS / TV 2 Norway Distribution:

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