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Mette-Marit - Cinderella of our Times

Production year: 2006 | 1x52' | Genres:
Cinderella Princess
Origin country: Norway
Production company: Moment Film AS
Original title: Mette-Marit - Vår tids askepott
Original language: Norwegian
Formats: SD

Royal Fairytale: "I have a girlfriend; her name is Mette-Marit". With this statement Crown Prince Haakon of Norway announced his relationship to Mette-Marit, a single mother with a past from circles of drug abuse and house-parties.

The Crown Prince's choice of partner raised anger within the nation, and attracted attention from around the world. Who was this girl? Was she worthy the position as Norway's coming queen? Would the Prince's choice put an end to the monarchy? Or would Mette-Marit manage to win the hearths of the people. From the very day when Mette-Marit became a public figure, her past became a subject of public investigation. "I cried for two days when I first saw my past life on the front page", Mette-Marit said in her first interview. The scandals were numerous: A son from a former relationship with a man convicted of drug possession. A father with whom she barely spoke. A brother convicted for domestic violence. Rumors of drug abuse and sex videos. In the end, Norway's prime minister had to officially ask the public to stop it. This documentary tells the unique story of how Mette-Marit became princess against all odds. From her wild past, through a spectacular royal wedding and finally giving birth to the first female heir to the throne of Norway; Princess Ingrid Alexandra. In 'Her Name is Mette-Marit' you will meet friends, fans, skeptics as well as experts commenting on Mette-Marit's deep love for Haakon, her honesty and courage to regret her wild past in public. Facing stigmatizing comments - even hatred with the public - her beauty, style and grace managed to swing both people of power and influence as well as the ordinary man. During her first years as Crown Princess, the honest Mette-Marit changed the opinion from severe hostility to true popularity. Today Mette-Marit is among the most popular royal members in Europe. Her story is a true modern Cinderella story.

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