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Hotel Caesar

Production year: 2005 | 2800 x 23' | Genres: Fiction
Over 1200 episodes, impressive demo & performance
Origin country: Norway
Production company: TV2 AS (Norway)
Original title: Hotel Cæsar
Original language: Norwegian
Formats: HD | 16:9

The extraordinary success of Norwegian TV2’s daily drama “Hotel Caesar” demonstrates that there’s a demand for quality European soaps.

After more than 2400 episodes, “Hotel Caesar” is the longest running TV series ever, in all of Scandinavia. It has an impressive market share amongst teenagers of 66%, and as much as 51% of the age group 20-29. “Hotel Caesar” – “Your home away from home” – was nominated for the Rose d’Or in 2004 in the Soap category. “’Hotel Caesar’ deals with issues in contemporary society in its own way, be it the Norwegian Crown Prince marrying a commoner, or African immigrants adapting to Western values” says the Swedish producer, Christian Wikander. Together with Peter Emanuel Falck he created the drama about the family-run hotel in 1998. The serial is broadcast at 19:30h on weekdays. In Norway, 30% of the population watch at least one episode a week. ”Hotell Caesar” 1400+ episodes x 24 minutes Daily soap Production ongoing - started September 98 Metronome Spartacus Distribution:

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