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Comrade Kamprad to Russia with Love

Production year: 2005 | 1*44 | Genres: Lifestyle / Travel
The Life of one of the greatest Swedish Entrepreneurs.
Origin country: Sweden
Production company: TV4 AB
Original title: Kamrad Kamprad to Russia with Love
Original language: Swedish
Formats: SD | M&E

His jersey is old and worn and he wears an imitation fur coat, but he is extremely rich – perhaps even richer than Bill Gates.

Nobody knows exactly how large the IKEA founder’s fortune is. Not even Ingvar Kamprad himself, and nor does he seem to care: “I can’t line my coffin with thousand dollar bills, can I”? He is now 70 years old, and still nursing his brainchild. The film team follow him every minute of the day as he travels through Russia, where he intends to invest 4 billions dollars in the next few years. Viewers follow him as he meets politicians in order to prevent corruption; as he visits small factories that will land orders to deliver quantities that they never before dreamt of; and as he negotiates with the oligarchs, Russia’s new elite. What is the secret of this mysterious man’s success - a man who single-handedly built a retail empire that has changed our way of life? Is he socially engaged, or a shrewd businessman? Follow him for ten days in the New Russia. Meet a man with a large heart and a sharp mind for business.

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