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Celebrity Showdown

Two celebrity team leaders... Two celebrity-packed teams... and a series of tough competitions... with cel..

The Cottage Dream

How would you like your own peaceful summer paradise? A quiet haven where birds sing, and flowers blossom? ..

The Stream

The Stream is a brand new music competition reflecting today’s way of discovering new talent.

The Next Interior Designer

For a group of up-and-coming Canadian design experts, the opportunity of a lifetime is about to begin! THE ..

Domestic Divas

Ever wondered how you’ve somehow managed to get to this point in your life without knowing how to roast a c..

Dinner at my place

In Dinner at my place, a celebrity host invites some intriguing local celebrities over for a nice home-cook..

Pick Your Ride

In this light-hearted car-culture dating show, women pick the man of their dreams not by looks or personali..

Crash Test Bunnies

Bounded by contract to put everything to the test...


Our host Peter Ingemann takes us to the largest man-made places on the planet.

Class Clowns

Class Clowns a show that sees a stand-up comedy star return to their old school for a special one off comed..

The Passion

The Passion is a modern, spectacular and surprising narrative version of the last hours of the life of Jesu..

My Dance Crew

In My Dance Crew we give 8 of your country´s biggest celebrities the chance to join their own dance crew! E..

Guerilla Gourmet

The revolution starts here!

Away With A Stranger

Because a stranger... is just an enemy you haven't met yet!

Design for ...

Reality competition designing real outdoor fashion for real people!

Farm Factor

10 farmers, two judges, but only one winner….. Who needs the X Factor when you’ve can have Farm Factor? Wit..

Crazy About Golf

Exclusive clubs, expensive green fees, plus-fours, and bad sandwiches. What's there to be so stuck-up about?

Family Honor

Can a competition between 2 families take place at several places, at the same time? It can! If the teams ..

Golden Days

Do you remember Laura Palmer from Twin Peaks? Or the dude who were always next to Don Johnson in Miami Vice..