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Farm Factor

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Farm Factor

Production year: 2009 | 8 episodes / 30 min | Genres: Entertainment
Farmers in fierce competition to become Farmer of the Year!
Production company: Cwmni Da Cyf
Original title: FFerm Factor

10 farmers, two judges, but only one winner….. Who needs the X Factor when you’ve can have Farm Factor? With muck, sweat, tears and tantrums…this is real farming, with real farmers on real farms!

Scanning pregnant pigs, cattle hoof trimming, and sheep shearing are just a few of the many tasks, that will test each of the farmers’ practical skills as well as their farming knowledge to the limit. But that’s not all farmers today have to be innovative and entrepreneurial to survive. Farmers are per nature very competitive and extremely passionate about their work – and as such a great cast.

After each task, the farmers tell all in the Confessions Cab (in the Tractor Cab of course!). What do they thinks of the judges, who’s out to get who, and exactly what’s driving them to win? Each week, one of the farmers faces eviction, but which one?

At the end of the series, the final three farmers battle it out to impress the judges and do whatever they have to walk away with the main prize and the title of the country’s Best Farmer ! 



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