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The Cottage Dream

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The Cottage Dream

Production year: 2016 | Genres: Entertainment
How handy can you be, to fulfill your dream?
Production company: Strix Televisjon AS
Original title: Sommerhytta

How would you like your own peaceful summer paradise? A quiet haven where birds sing, and flowers blossom? All it takes is a little fixing-up...

In a brand-new homey house makeover format, The Cottage Dream brings together three very different families in a common quest for the cottage of their dreams! 

 For ten weeksthe families will be neighbours, as they renovate and refurbish their own summer cottageBut only one family will get to keep it! 

Week after week the families get ambitious weekly projectsboth indoors and outdoors, as they apply creativity and personal flavour to the cottages They will have to endure daily challenges, where the winners can pick the prize they realy need to  acomplish their weekly projects or be tempted to pick something they just want for themselves. 

Judged and supervised by three expert coachesevery win brings an advantage. And the families must work hard... work together - and get along! 

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