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Golden Days

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Golden Days

Production year: 2016 | 8 episodes / 45 min | Genres: Entertainment
Around the world celebrity nostalgia
Production company: TV2 AS (Norway)
Original title: Gylne Tider

Do you remember Laura Palmer from Twin Peaks? Or the dude who were always next to Don Johnson in Miami Vice? And whatever happened to Norm from Cheers!? Somewhere around the world they were all living relatively normal lives. Until we tracked them down!

"Golden Days" is an around-the-world nostalgia road show honouring the forgotten heroes of yesteryear - and the one-hit-wonders we used to love to hate! In "Golden Days" we meet three guys carrying only a camera and a microphone - but carrying in their hearts an undying love for all the Ricky Lakes, the Leslie Nielsens and the Milli Vanillis that used to fill TV, radios and cassette-players back in the good old 80s and 90s. What were they really like back then? What have kept them busy since? And do they miss the spot light as much as we miss them?

As a unique build-up to every celebrity interview "Golden Days" features scripted clips of the three hosts posing as teenagers in their teenage-rooms. Giving an authentic introduction to all the heroes of the past.

Take a trip back to the "Golden Days".
It's pure nostalgia - for a new generation!


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