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On Thin Ice

Production year: 2015 | 1*52 | Genres: Factual - News, Lifestyle / Travel
From concrete to frozen sand. The unthinkable project.
Origin country: Norway
Production company: Turbin Film AS
Original title: På tynn is
Original language: Norwegian
Formats: HD

The impossible project of making a skateboard ramp of frozen sand.

When Jørn Ranum lived in Lofoten he noticed how the cold temperatures had made one of the many beaches where hard as concrete .  Since Jorn is a skater , he took his skateboard and skated along the beach between majestic mountains and the deep blue sea. This was the beginning of his idea and his biggest project : to create a skateboard park of sand and water , and make the all-time most original skateboard movie ! The documentary On thin ice shows the whole process , trying to understand what happens in Jørns creative head, and deals with the challenge of doing something that appears quite pointless, because sand , water and cold weather are all skaters worst nightmare,.

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