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Waffle Heart

Production year: 2011 | 7 x 20' | Genre: Children
A series based on the book Waffle Heart, which has been sold to 16 count …
Origin country: Norway
Production company: NRK
Original title: Vaffelhjarte
Original language: Norwegian
Formats: HD | M&E

A series based on the book Waffle Heart, which has been sold to 16 countries world-wide, written by the international well-known author Maria Parr.

Trille and Lena are both nine years old and live in a small community called Knert-Mathilde on the west coast of Norway. Trille lives together with his mother, father, his three siblings and his paternal grandfather. He has lived there all his life. Lena and her mother have moved about a lot and are currently living in a house they have rented on Trille's family farm.

Trille would like to be Lena's best friend, and urges her to agree that he is. Lena, on the other hand, thinks it is enough to stay as they are: good neighbours. A real go-getter, Lena has a lively imagination and is always bursting with new ideas. Trille thinks some of the things she gets up to are a bit scary. For example, she constructs a cableway ten metres above the ground to link their two houses, and tries it out herself. When the two set out to make the figure of a witch to burn on the Midsummer Eve bonfire, Lena has the bright idea of using Little Fox, Trille's little sister's favourite stuffed toy, as the witch.

The two children tuck into Auntie Grandma's waffles, which they think are the best in the world, save a horse from being slaughtered, and earn a little money by playing Silent Night on their recorders in the middle of summer!

When Auntie Grandma dies and Lena has to move away, Trille is despondent. All the fun and excitement seem to have gone from his life and he feels quite lost.

But Lena runs away and makes her way back to Knert-Mathilde, where she wants to live together with Trille and his family. After a dramatic rescue operation in which she is brought down from the mountains by helicopter, it is agreed that it will be best for Lena to remain in Knert-Mathilde while her mother completes her education in town. What is more, to the delight of both children she is allowed to stay with Trille, her best friend!

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