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Production year: 2011 | 6 x 29' | Genre: Series
A comedy about love, passion and happiness
Origin country: Norway
Production company: NRK
Original title: Schmokk
Formats: HD

Among the "top three" at Prix Italia 2011. The jury said: "Schmokk" is a comedy which surprised us for its special effects and its hilarious moments. A romantic comedy with a nice twist. Funny in the first place, it catches on the viewer with a sequence of situations which are full of humour and originality. The pace keeps the attention very high. We were particularly impressed by the stunts and the eye-catching special effects which are not used so often in this type of production. In our opinion, this show which was produced by Norwegian Television NRK can easily travel around the world."

Janne and Pontus meet for the first time at a New Year’s party at mutual friends. Accompanied by fireworks and sizzling champagne, their eyes meet and time stops. It literary says “schmokk”!

Five years later Janne and Pontus are sharing a flat, but no longer the first rush of enthusiasm about each other. They are actually more concerned about vacuum cleaning often enough, than having sex.

Pontus works as a security guard, but plays in a rock band as often as he can. His dream is to get a record deal and release a CD. His only problem is that the other band members seem to get children all the time, and is more into family life than the rock scene.

Janne works at the Geological Museum in Oslo. She spends her days bored, longing for a romantic relationship with Pontus. She wants to feel the “schmokk” again. But an ordinary everyday life has taken over, and Janne does not realize that great love can be found in small, everyday things.

Janne takes the big step. She leaves Pontus, who moves to a friend with a guest room. While Pontus is grieving, Janne enters the club scene, and starts an intense singles life, for the first time in years. After a while Pontus faces the facts and starts dating again, but neither of the two is happy with their new lives. Something is missing. Correction: Someone is missing.

When coincidence causes that Pontus’ band is hired to play in Jannes best friend’s wedding, the circles is ended. Again, it’s a party. Again, their eyes meet. And again, it says “schmokk”!

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