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The Court

Production year: 2010 | 6x45 | Genre: Series
The Court, or Réttur in Icelandic, is the first Icelandic legal drama. T …
Origin country: Iceland
Production company: Sagafilm
Original title: Réttur
Formats: HD

The Court, or Réttur in Icelandic, is the first Icelandic legal drama. The series became an instant hit for Channel 2. Each episode deals with a specific case while an over-arching storyline unfolds throughout the series. The Court was aired in two six episode batches with a hiatus in between.

RÉTTUR (Court) follows 3 lawyers at a respected law firm in Reykjavik. The lawyers deal with one case in each episode but an overarching storyline dealing with the personal lives of the main characters develops throughout the series.

Main character Logi is one of the top lawyers in the country, known for his brilliance and big temper. His story is dark and troubled however as he deals with issues from his past. Logi served time for manslaughter when he was younger. He has no recollection of the murder and tries desperately to unearth the truth about his troubled past as he struggles with his sobriety. The other two lawyers, Brynhildur and Hordur deal with their own personal dramas with Hordur providing a little comic relief as a brilliant but slightly awkward lawyer who feels more at home buried under a pile of paperwork than in front of a judge.

Just the right mixture of law, crime and personal drama, sprinkled with offbeat humour make RÉTTUR (Court) one of the most exciting new TV series Iceland has seen in the past few years.

Sigurjón Kjartansson: Iceland’s most proli!c and popular writer for TV. Sigurjón has had a major writing credit for the majority of Icelandic TV series produced in the last few years, including Astridur, The Press and Black Angels, all produced by Sagafilm. Margrét Örnólfsdóttir: A popular writer, composer, artist and musician, Margrét really does it all. Margrét has written a string of
successful children’s books as well as the script and score for a popular children’s movie, Regina. In recent years she has turned to writing for TV with good results.

Kristinn Thordarson: Kristinn is a prolific and experienced screenwriter. His feature film Cold Trail, a suspenseful and atmospheric thriller, premiered to rave reviews in 2006.

Saevar Guðmundsson: An experienced director for advertising and TV. Saevar has directed two documentary series, one series of the popular sketch show ‘The Girls’ and one series of Icelandic cult series ‘Venni Paer’. In addition to that Saevar directed several episodes of the international hit show Lazy Town. Saevar has won numerous awards for his work and is a sought after director both in his native Iceland as abroad.

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