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Production year: 2011 | 4x45' | Genre: Series
Where do you hide when the enemy is one of your own?
Origin country: Norway
Production company: NRK
Original title: Taxi
Formats: HD

Javar is an ambitious, hardworking young Norwegian-Pakistani law student who lives a double life. On the one hand he is a perfectly normal citizen of Oslo, with a Norwegian girlfriend, and on the other he has to appear as a dutiful son to his conservative Pakistani family. To maintain this dual existence, and to keep everyone happy, he is forced to surround himself with a web of lies.

Only with great difficulty is Javar able to retain his equilibrium between these two conflicting worlds - which lands him in deep trouble when he stumbles upon evidence of a fraud involving more than fifty taxi owners and sums of money running into millions. To make matters worse, he discovers that a prominent pillar of society and a highly respected accountant are also party to the scam.

As a result, Javar is forced to make his way through the backstreets of the city without being seen. His sole hope of salvation is to bring the guilty drivers' nefarious dealings to the notice of the general public. But doing so is by no means easy, as he has no idea of who he is up against and whom he can trust.

Both Javar and the people he loves are threatened by powerful enemies who will stop at nothing to prevent their misdeeds coming to light. Having built their lives and good standing on the proceeds of the fraud, they have no intention of seeing their reputations ruined, no matter what the cost.

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