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My Mercy Box

Production year: 2010 | 10x10' | Genre: Children
Seven-year-old Fride lives on board the world's largest hospital ship, i …
Origin country: Norway
Production company: Vidvinkel Media
Original title: Fride på Skipet
Formats: HD

Seven-year-old Fride lives on board the world's largest hospital ship, in Africa. Join her in her unique experiences!

Fride lives in Benin in Africa aboard the world’s largest privately owned hospital ship “The Africa Mercy”, or as Fride likes to call it; The Mercy Box.

She lives there with her mother who works on board as a nurse, her father
who works as a dentist and her two siblings.
Due to their extraordinary lifestyle Fride is able to see and experience a range of things; she makes 400 hamburgers with the chef, assists her dad in pulling a bad tooth, celebrates her birthday onboard, watches the doctors give a blind girl her eyesight back, travels in the jungle, learns to make African drums and plenty of other exciting adventures.

Each episode is a day in Frides life and begins with Fride waking up and ends with her going to bed. Before bedtime she always writes a postcard to her grandmother in Norway and very briefly lets her know what she experienced that day.
After one year Fride and her and her family returns to Norway to celebrate Christmas, Fride finds that her grandmother has saved all the postcards Fride sent. As they to go through them, Fride starts to think back to all the experiences she’s had over the last year – and can’t wait to return for more thrilling adventures!

The Africa Mercy belongs to the NGO Mercy Ships.

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