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Goodnight, Darling

Production year: 2010 | 3x59' | Genre: Series
An entertaining black crime series in three parts based on a novel by Fredrik Skagen.
Origin country: Norway
Production company: NRK
Original title: God Natt, Elskede

An entertaining black crime series in three parts based on a novel by Fredrik Skagen. Nearing 50 and perpetually broke, Terje Lyngmo is a struggling musician who ekes out a living tuning other people's pianos. One day, on impulse, he steals an expensive video camera. This rash act changes his life for ever, as, while trying out his new acquisition, he inadvertently films a murder.

The murderer is Per Raglo, a wealthy estate agent and managing director of a company owned by his wife. Raglo has all that Terje lacks. He is handsome, well off and attractive to women, among them the company's glamorous young financial manager Hilde Brundalen. When Karin threatens to put an effective stop to her husband's philandering and plans for the business, he kills her.

 While in Per's affluent neighbourhood to tune a piano, Terje happens to capture the murder with his camera. Despite his failings, Terje has always been an honest man, but now he is in a quandary. His first instinct is to report the crime he has witnessed to the police, but he changes his mind for fear that they will discover that the camera was stolen. Instead, he contacts the dead woman's husband and tells him of the compromising recording. But he also falls for temptation and proceeds to pressure Per for money. The impoverished piano player has visions of an opulent lifestyle that will enable him to impress his girlfriend, jazz singer Laila Svanøy (Linn Skåber).
But his plan goes badly awry. He and Per Lyngmo have three things in common. In the first place, both are hopeless amateurs with no idea of how real criminals go about their business. Secondly, they both have girlfriends who in time become more deeply enmeshed in the pair's shady dealings than they would wish. And third, both have their mothers in nursing homes, though that is something only the viewers know.

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