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Top Gun - Mission Europe

Production year: 2008 | 1 x46' | Genre: Documentaries
The film "Top Gun" with Tom Cruise made the Fighter Weapons Instructor T …
Origin country: Norway
Production company: BasicTV
Original title: Top Gun - Mission Norge
Formats: HD

The film "Top Gun" with Tom Cruise made the Fighter Weapons Instructor Training famous. The most advanced training a fighter pilot can get and only a chosen few are given the chance.

The course last six months and each student are in this period provided with his own F–

16 fighterplane, his own full–time instructor and the necessary ground crew to keep the

plane operational at all times. They will also fire and drop live examples of all the

different weapon types in his nations arsenal.


Since most nations build their air force on different mixes of airplanes and arsenal,

there are different variations of the training on this absolute top level.

The Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, Portugal and Norway do all use the F–16 plane

and they have organized a common training, named EPAF (European Participating Air

Forces). This is coordinated and benchmarked with the US Air force training. "Top Gun"

is the nickname of the US Navys course.


For the first time a television crew has been given full access to this course.




Gard A. Andreassen - Amund Lie

exec. Producer:

Styrk Jansen


Styrk Jansen


March 2008 - December 2008


Shooting format HD 720p - Master: SD


46 minutes


December 2008


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