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Blue Sky Blue

Production year: 2008 | 24x45' | Genre: Series
Based on the BBC production 2000 Acres of Sky
Origin country: Norway
Production company: NRK
Original title: Himmelblå
Formats: HD

"Blue Sky Blue" is about finding a place to belong and about finding love in the unlikliest of places. AVAILABLE ONLINE SCREENING: Ep 1, 2 and 7 Seson 1

Season 1:

Marit is a single mom, living a miserable life as a chef in Oslo. The people on the northern remote island of Ylvingen are facing an uncertain future because the primary school is about to shut down. The islanders decide to advertise for a family with kids. Thus meet the rural and the urban: Marit moves with her children and her pretend husband Kim to Ylvingen, to start afresh. She takes over the "Fishermen's Inn", hoping to turn it into a restaurant.

Season 2:  

42 people live on the island Ylvingen, and Marit has started a new life here, joined by her best friend Kim. Kim loves Marit, but she is not able to return his feelings. To make things easier, Kim has moved in with his friend Roy, and Marit lives on her own with her children Iris and Robin. Marit finds love with the local fisherman Roland, who formerly had a relationship with the local girl Karoline. Roy and Kim are enjoying their life as bachelors. But when Roy's old love Rakel unexpectedly moves back to Ylvingen after many years abroad, he suddenly has to redefine what life is about. Rakel or Kim?

Season 3:

Robin has still not got over the disappearance of Kim, who was lost at sea. Marit has come to terms with it, but she is worried about the changes she sees taking place around her. Together with little Jens, Vivian moves away to take up a challenging position as priest of a parish further south. And Iris is planning to move to the mainland to continue her schooling. The island's population is growing ever smaller....

As a result, the school is again in danger of closing. But salvation is at hand from an unexpected quarter. Leif Gröndahl, a hated ex-local-government official, returns to his childhood home with no fewer than four children in tow. The school is saved! But Gröndahl's arrival gives cause for concern. Why has he come back? What is his real reason?


Written by: Sissel and Katrine Haugen

Directed by: Eva Dahr, Anne Sewitsky, Vibeke Ringen, Tor Tørstad and Mathias Calmeyer

Starring: Line Verndal, Edvard Schultheiss, Elvira Haaland and Sebastian Warholm

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