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Production year: 2008 | 26x10' | Genre: Children
Join Hubert in his struggle to survive first grade.
Origin country: Norway
Production company: Kool Production AS
Original title: Hubert

Hubert does not have any superpowers, but he has the heart of a super hero.

 He wants to do good, but always ends up in trouble.  No school day is ever the same when Hubert is around. A strict principal does not make the situation any easier.  But through his amazing imagination, Hubert always find solutions, where others only see problems.

 The animated series, Hubert, is based upon the popular children´s books by Arne Svingen.  His books have a huge following in Norway, Sweden, Germany and Italy.  The animated television series has been developed by Tom Petter Hansen, Trond Morten Kristensen and Frank Mosvold, in co-operation with NRK.

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