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Ebadi lrg
June 24, 2010
An Iranian state television program defamed human rights lawyer and Nobel Laureate Shirin Ebadi in a heavily edited program on 10 June, and an associate and spokesperson for Ebadi’s organization was detained, the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran reported today
Women in Mosavi campaign 1
June 22, 2010
The heartbreaking stories of the Lion Women in Iran, has earned this documentary a place among the finalists in the prestigious Southern California Journalism Awards.
Bilde brukt i Pamphlet
June 18, 2010
Harald Eraker and Inger Sunde, creators of the documentary “Connecting People”, receives International Reporters award at SKUP (Stiftelsen for en Kritisk og Undersøkende Presse = Foundation for a critical and investigative press)
tull 006
June 2, 2010
Camilla Paludan Johansen is taking over the position as Sales Executive in the place of Veronica Carlson, as new employee Tonje Holme steps up to the plate as Head of Administration in Nordic World AS.


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