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Celebrity Show Jumping

In " Celebrity Show Jumping ", six celebrities have just six weeks to learn the skills that will have them ..

Part Time Pro

Henrik Elvestad has calculated that in its 42-year life he has spent approximately 27 000 hours, or just ov..

The Homeless Experience

Just before midnight November 12, 2014 Petter Nyquist (37) leaves his safe family life in the Oslo suburb a..

Cash Out

We have all dreams but only a few of us realize them. If you are waiting for the perfect moment, that momen..

To the Rescue

Two of Norway’s most popular comedians have had it with the big chain stores taking over.

Is It Legal

Everyone knows that it is illegal to drive your car intoxicated – in some countries more than others. But i..

Sexy in 60 minutes

Imagine your own army of beauticians and fashion experts, simultaneously working head-to-toe, pampering you..

Dear Mom

In each episode we meet a new mom, who will let us into her everyday routine of parenting. A panel of opini..

Shut Up Woman

Especially if you are an outspoken celebrity woman. Why can’t women speak up, without getting sexist and sp..

A Night at the Castle

Do you experience things that can’t be explained? Do you ask questions that can’t be answered? Are you a sk..

Who's Been Sleeping in my House?

Produced for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)


What wisdom is hidden behind the geraniums? Documentary makers Tim and Nicolaas, both in their late twentie..


2 expert design teams compete for the right to decorate a room with their own custom made interiors. But t..

The voice of a nation

It's the talk of the town! Take a ride with "Voice of the Nation" - a taxi cab talk show where the guest..

Craft Master

Craft Master – the search for the countries newest craft talent. It has been ratings hit, it played mid-wee..

Get the picture

Where were you when man walked the moon? When Charles married Lady Di? Or when Nelson Mandela was set free?


Science has pointed out all the dangers of drinking. So why do we keep doing it? Why are kids today drunker..

The extreme pop-up challenge

In the most unlikely locations a top chef has just twelve hours to build a restaurant from the ground, crea..


In just two generations' time our world has become easier, safer and more convenient. If we feel ill, we po..


What has bungy jumping got to do with road safety? Can a cool poker face say anything about driving skill..

What's the Big Idea

Our world has been built on the inventiveness of man. Now... it's your turn! "What's the Big Idea" is the u..

Honestly, Mum and Dad!

Honestly, Mum and Dad! is an emotional eye-opener for working parents all over the world. Now for the first..

Dirty Old Towns

Dirty Old Towns is on a mission - to clean up towns which have let themselves go, and to launch regeneratio..

4 Star Home Makeover

In our houses, cottages or neighborhoods there is always something to repair. Now it is time to work togeth..

On the Road Again

We follow a former international cycling champion - followed by a not too sporty TV-host - for a massive bi..

The Correspondents

What happens before and after the news?


They say love has no boundaries, but when love across continents goes bad, who will be there to pick up the..

Jailhouse Cook

Who would open a gourmet restaurant inside a maximum-security prison and have the toughest inmates running it?

The Pessimists

Are you having an off day? Doesn't life seem to go you way? Is everyday just rock bottom? What if a TV-show..

Dining with the Enemy

Food is a universal language that brings people together... But what if the people are sworn enemies? In "..

Pimp My Celebrity Home

It's not every day famous celebrities invite us into their homes. And it's definitely not every day they al..


In Dictator, eight young people with no interest in the democratic process spend eight days locked in a gri..