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The Ultimate Entertainer

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The Ultimate Entertainer

Production year: 2012 | 11 episodes / 59 min | Genre: Entertainment
Which famous artist is your country´s Ultimate Entertainer ?
Production company: Monster Format AS
Original title: Stjernekamp

Live weekend primetime format. Which famous artist is your country´s Ultimate Entertainer ?

Live big shiny floor weekend primetime format ! In The Ultimate Entertainer we’ll see ten well known artists compete in ten different music styles that they are not familiar with - such as pop, rock, hip hop, musical, opera, big band, reggae, soul and country. The top artists will work hard to adapt to the music styles and learn the choreography – and every week they will go live on stage and show what they learnt in a big sing and dance act. Every week the viewers vote one artist off the show.

Who will perform the best within all ten music genres, stay on the show and win the honorable title The Ultimate Entertainer?


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